Two Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Halo Solitaire Studs (2.00ctw.)


Lightbox Two Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Halo Round Brilliant Solitaire Studs

Our two carat carat total weight diamond solitaire studs make it an even 1.00ctw. in each ear!  Each near one carat diamond is cut near perfectly to display amazing fire, radiance and scintillation. Pure sparkle! And these are offered at a price point that is hard to argue at $2,000 for the pair, set up and ready to wear!

2 carat total weight (each earring has a ⁸⁄₉ carat central stone, surrounded by diamond pavê).

Our two carat total weight Lightbox lab-grown diamonds are set in 14KT white four prong settings, then surrounded in a halo of lab-grown diamond pave. Similar to vintage jacket stud earring sets, these one piece halo studs are full of life, sparkle and radiance. They are a pleasure to wear!

You can comfortably wear these sparklers for every day work or play, or for a fun night out on the town. Order today for free insured shipping!

Learn more about lab-grown diamonds.

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