Forty plus years of experience, along with an extensive network of international watch and jewelry dealers allows us to ascertain the highest possible prices for our customers.


The Diamond Exchange has a vast international network of dealers affording us the ability to offer you the highest prices possible for your unwanted valuables.


The value of a diamond or jewelry piece, when you are selling it, is based on marketability and takes into account the condition and quality of the diamond or jewelry. The selling price will be based on the wholesale price that it costs to replace the item. To successfully sell your jewelry or diamond, you need to understand its value.


We do not make offers or give estimates by email or phone without seeing your jewelry. We use the services of a gem laboratory to test and grade each piece of jewelry we buy.


An appraisal is not necessary to sell your jewelry to The Diamond Exchange. If you already have an appraisal, the information may be helpful to us in regards to jewelry details like the size and quality of diamonds, gemstones and metals.


Besides containing the gemological details about your jewelry piece, a jewelry appraisal written for insurance purposes also contains a value called the retail replacement value. The retail replacement value is an estimate of what it would take to replace an item. The retail replacement value includes the cost of labor, materials, and the wholesale jeweler’s and retail jeweler’s profits. Some jewelry appraisals may contain significantly inflated retail replacement values. You should not expect to receive the retail replacement value when you sell your jewelry.


If you are selling a diamond that has a diamond grading report from an independent grading laboratory, like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), please bring or send this report with the piece of jewelry.


We do not provide a written appraisal after we evaluate your jewelry. If we are interested in purchasing your items, we make an offer to buy.


We pay you immediately with a check. We require proof of identification before finalizing the transaction; please bring your driver’s license with you.